Cargotech Ltd was formed in April 2002 but started operating full swing only as from 01 July 2003. At present, we have 90 staff of whom the main ones are among the most experienced in the Freight Forwarding Industry in Mauritius.


These are:


Mr Kishore Beegoo, Managing Director,is the Ex Director Cargo of Air Mauritius Ltd. He has been a leading figure in the Mauritian Transport industry for the last 40 years. He is an expert in Worldwide Transport, Logistics, Supply Chain and Distribution Management and acts as consultant to several major organizations in Mauritius & worldwide. He was asked to come back to Air Mauritius Ltd as Board Director in September 2005 where he was Chairman of the Executive Committee and member of the Audit committee until his resignation from the Board of the National Airline in December 2014.


Miss Vanessa Beegoo, Head Seafreight Department has been working in Cargotech since 2013. Vanessa graduated in Management, Industrial Relations and Entrepreneurships & Innovation, in UWA University in Perth, Australia Australia and worked there for 2 years before coming back to Cargotech. She has worked in all the Departments of the company, updating systems and procedures to ensure that there is optimal utilisation of resources & more efficient operations.


Mr Kevin Beegoo, Business Development Executive has been working in Cargotech since 2013. Kevin graduated in Economics & Marketing at Curtin University in Perth, Australia before coming back to Cargotech. He has worked in all Departments of the company and is now responsible for the Sea Air Operations, Import Air, Business Development and Developing more cost effective Management tools,updating & ensuring optimal utilization of resources & operations.


Mr Vikash Ramburuth, Head of Airfreight & Operations at the Airport Office, He has an MBA from the University of Technology Mauritius and is the Ex Head of Cargo ( in charge of Worldwide Operations) at Air Mauritius Ltd until 2016 . He has 27 years experience in the Airfreight industry. He is responsible for the proper running of the Airfreight Exports Department, oversees all operations and optimisation of space utilisation on our contracted space allocations with Airlines.He is in charge of updating our internal procedures & manuals to ensure that all arrangements with Customers & their SOPs are respected at all times and continuously take proactive measures to exceed Customers’ requirements.


Mr Judex Bigaignon, Sea Imports Operations Supervisor, has over 30 years experience in all spheres of freight forwarding. He has a very intricate and extensive knowledge of imports procedures, Shipping lines contracts, follow up of orders , Imports arrival handling to ensure prompt & proactive notices to Customers so that the latter can take proper measures to fulfil their contractual obligations at all times.


Mr Kunal Beegoo, Sales Coordinator, 16 years experience in all Departments of the company. With his extensive knowledge of the intricacies of the cargo environment, he is highly geared to guide Customers in providing essential costing and optimum route management to help Customers get their shipments at the best transit times and cost.


Mr Ashok Ramlagun, Head Accounts and Administration is a Chartered Accountant and fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. He is in charge of Accounting & Administration. He is backed by 2 other qualified Accountants and 10 other staff.


All our Supervisors are highly trained individuals to flair and respond in advance to customers’ requirements and expectations. They ensure that service level agreements reached with customers are systematically met.


The motto of the company is:


 ‘Our customers always win’


With this motto in mind, our policy is:


• to ensure that we always give our customers maximum possible options for them to choose the one which will suit their requirements in each & every particular circumstance


• negotiate the best deals with the mindset of a bulk buyer & a bulk seller.  Our objective is to systematically keep pressure on the providers of service so that all excess costs and charges are consistently trimmed and our customers get the best value for money & service at all times


• provide support & information to our customers in the complete Supply Chain Management and developments in other parts of the world to help them in their buying & selling strategies.


Cargotech holds a Customs Clearing & Forwarding Licence, is an IATA approved Cargo Agent, is a member of the Freight Forwarding Association in Mauritius and FIATA.


Since 2005, we are the Biggest Airfreight Forwarder in Mauritius and have remained No.1 till now and growing further. In 2012, we were No.1 on Air France, Air Mauritius, British Airways, Emirates (the 4 largest airlines serving Mauritius).






"Biggest and No.1 Air freight Forwarder in Mauritius

since 2005"


Cargotech Ltd

3rd Floor Amicale Building,

32 A Farquhar Street, Port Louis, Mauritius

+230 216 3441

+230 217 0443