We operate as a one-stop-shop service provider. We want our customers to enjoy doing business with us. Cargotech provides personalized consultancy service to advise you the best options for your transactions and optimal routes for you to save time and money. We also propose insurance facilities, live tracking of your cargo, door-to-door services & many other such services which will enhance your way of doing business & make your life hassle-free.



Door to Door Services

Wherever your goods must be moved or stored, we can develop the most efficient and effective way to meet your requirements. Our broad portfolio of services enables us to provide optimized and streamlined services, so you can focus on your business core capabilities and on meeting your customers' expectations. Our network of worldwide distribution facilities, combined with our global transportation services, provide time definite delivery nearly anywhere in the world.



Trucking & Delivery Services

Our range of options for the delivery of your cargo comprises of:

• Trucking for shipments of loose cartons

• Trucking for FCL shipments, including unstuffing of container at consignee’s premises and return of container to the Port on the same day

• Trucking by sidelifter (up to 45t), whereby the container will be left at the consignee’s premises and picked up on a later day to return to the Port

These vehicles are equipped with GPS for increased security and monitoring of your goods as well as more efficient tracking.



With access to an import warehouse of 15,000 sq feet and an export warehouse of 2,500 sq feet, we can fulfil all your warehousing needs. We can offer you a bonded storage service as well as inventory management (packages only) on both a short term and long term basis. With the warehouses being under constant camera surveillance, you can be assured that your goods are kept safe. In addition to this, we can provide stuffing and unstuffing services for your containers making it easier for you.




 We can provide you a range of packing materials such as:

• Boxes

• Bubble Wrap

• Plastic Wrapping

• Pallets

• Crates

• Custom Packages

• Disposal of packing waste


* This service is available on a case to case basis.


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